Intra State Farmer’s exposure visits

In the year 2016-2017, BVS organized exposure visits 50 Farmers from Rajasthan to Mathura (Uttar Pradesh).

The primary objective of the visit was to share experience innovative agriculture techniques being practices in another areas. The farmers were selected from RACP Yojana.


Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKKVY)

In the year 2016-2017, BVS organized 960 participants were trained under Agriculture Training.

The training was supported by BABLE and Agriculture Skill Sector Council India (ASCC) under PMKVY.

At the end of training 600 trainees were placed.


National rural drinking water programme (NRDWP)

In the year 2012-2013, BVS has worked extensively with government agencies on awareness on safe drinking water.

BVS has conducted Inter personal communication (IPC) activities through the approach of Information Education and Communication (IEC) and conducted Household (HH) survey and chaupal meetings across 7 Districts of the Jaipur region.


Evaluation of preparatory phase of watershed under Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP)

The monitoring and evaluation programme was carried out in 35 project areas from the year 2012-2013 to 2014-2015.

02 Preparatory phase project in 2 Blocks of Dungrapur (Rajasthan), 08 project in all blocks of Ajmer (Rajasthan), 15 Projects in the District of Alwar, Bikaner & Kota (Rajasthan) and 10 projects in the District Barmer Chittorharh and Dholpur (Rajasthan).

Monitoring and Evaluation on regular basis is essential from project management point of view as it allows to cross check the status of the project, identify drawbacks and strengths, offer paths of correction/revision, gain knowledge, build expertise and share experiences within and between the various groups of actors and stakeholders.

Monitoring & Evaluation have been elaborated under the component 11, Monitoring,

Evaluation and Learning in the Common Guidelines for Watershed Development Projects,



Broadly the objectives of evaluation for watershed projects can be summed up as follows:

1. To obtain essential benchmark data related to the project and incorporating the same in DPRs.

2. To identify phase wise tangible outputs and behavioral outcomes that can be used in the long-term impact evaluation of the project.

3. To suggest improvement and initiate timely actions.

In order to assess the performance it was important to gain a view of stakeholders involved and also evaluate the information collected during the process by various institutions involved in the watershed project. The process of evaluation shall include review of records & reports use online MIS / project data base, minutes of meeting, focus group discussion with the Primary Beneficiaries, dialogue and multi stakeholder meeting at PIA and District level, and field visits to the watershed sites to verify the status of activities/works on the ground and social audit.

Vocational Training’s for women

In the year 2012-2013, BVS organized stitching training programmes at 4 Districts of Rajasthan.


120 women participated in the training supported by Directorate of women and child development Jaipur, Government of Rajasthan.

Location: Ajmer, Bhilwara, Nagour and Chittorgarh (Rajasthan)

Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA)

BVS was involved in agriculture activities for sustainable agriculture development in the states of Rajasthan. In some of the intervention it was our focal point for integrating research and extension activities and decentralizing day to day management of the public agriculture technology was government’s initiative.

Considering registered responsibility of BVS, able to acquire government’s support and implemented the ATMA project in the Block of Shahpura, District Jamwaramgarh (Rajasthan).

BVS also established technical support to farmers and provided trainings. The intervention also included an appropriate exposure visits of farmers to see farming system innovation success stories. The total 30 farmers participates in exposure visits and interstate farmers training.

BVS also formed Self-help groups (SHGs) of 450 female. In order to support them and equip the female farmer with technical skills, BVS also conducted training programmes with such female farmers.


Swarna Jayanti Shahri Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY)

SJSRY seeks to provide gainful employment to the urban poor (living below the urban poverty line) unemployed or under-employed, through setting up of self-employment ventures or provision of wage employment.

BVS provided training to BPL Candidates and such candidates were Computer Operator.

A total 0f 150 Candidates were trained by BVS under the project in the area of Block-Bandikui and Lalsot in the District Dausa (Rajasthan).

Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)

Conducted baseline survey, Facilitated SHG formation, and Capacity building and bank linkages, opening of bank account of SHG groups. Formation of 380 SHGs approximate and provided loan to their micro activities under SGSY scheme.

Geographical Coverage: Block-Shahpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Highlights (Targets/Achievements): Total 4310 Beneficiaries have been benefited under the program SGSY.


State Water Resources Planning Department (Rajasthan)

Fresh water is valuable natural resource for living organisms, which is being continuously depleted. Water Security means regular access and equity to safe potable water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene thereby leading to an acceptable physical and social wellbeing. Integrated water resources management (IWRM) practices were needed to create sustainable water security. IWRM is a conceptual stakeholder participatory framework that could manage and develop the water resources in a sustainable and balanced way. It is based on the principles of social equity, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Under the programme BVS supported and evaluated Non-government organizations implementing the IWRM component for Water Sector Reforms under the European Union State Partnership Programme.

The support and evaluation programme organized in 11 Districts of Rajasthan.