1.      Integrity and Ethics: are the two main pillars of BVS. We believe that one should do its professional duties and obligations               with complete honesty in conformity with the professional code of ethics.

2.      Equality: We believe in reducing the disparity by empowering people and involving them in livelihood activities, equal                       distribution of benefits amongst different stakeholders can be ensured.

3.      Human Dignity and Respect: All human beings are equal in the eyes of god. Hence all should be treated equally with due               respect without any discrimination on the basis of caste, sex, religion and colour and economic conditions.

4.      Self-Sustenance of Community: BVS values the rich pool of insight and knowledge the partner communities possess. At                 time of various project Implementations, the BVS gives importance to valuable suggestions of community members and try to           imbibe them for the benefit of project results.

5.      Innovation: We believe that innovation provides a culture of creative thinking that enables us to think beyond the regular                 hurdles of our work and come up with something new and unique.

6.      Partnership: We strongly feel that promoting the participation and collaboration among various stakeholders at various levels           will lead to better results.

7.      Accountability and Transparency: We proud on being accountable and Transparent in our approach to all its stakeholders,             especially its target groups, donors and partner organizations. We place equal emphasis on accountability and transparency               maintained by different stakeholders too.