National Level Monitor (NLM)

Bharti Vikas Sansthan (BVS) is serving as a National Level Monitor (NLM) for various ministries under Government of India in order to monitor the progress of program implemented by concerned ministries.

The institutional objective of monitoring are to ascertain:

√ Whether the programmes of the Ministry are being implemented in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the Ministry.

√ Whether the selection of beneficiaries under the programme has been transparent, unbiased and fair.

√ Whether the prescribed implementation processes are being followed.

√ Whether the assets created are of the prescribed quality and useful to the community.

√ Filed level verification of Integrated Monitoring and Information System (IMIS) data.

√ Causes for non-implementation of the schemes as per the guidelines (if not implemented properly)

√ Short comings in implementation and possible remedy

√ The views of the villagers on the programmes and their suggestions for improvement.

√ Views of local experts (if available) other than the views of common people

√ Adopted questionnaire may include few more aspects and envisaged workload on data collection on these schemes may increase three-folds.